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MOTOMAMI va a ser un viaje por varios géneros musicales.

A few days after the premiere of “Motomami”, the new album by the Catalan artist, Rosalía, will arrive accompanied by a show on TikTok. This, prior to the releases of ‘Saoko’ and ‘Chicken Teriyaki’

Let’s remember, at the beginning of the pandemic, TikTok has become one of the most used applications to create content around the world, mainly by musicians; This is because I have allowed them to experience new ways of living music and sharing it with their fans with a modern and somewhat humorous touch.

As a result of this boom on the platform, La Rosalía confirmed that on March 17-18 they will hold a special show through the app, to present their next record production. As she announced, throughout the concert, the Spanish will perform the 17 songs that make up the album, offering users a fully immersive experience.

It is known that he will do it from his on TikTok, at 6:00 pm (Mexico City time). In addition, all the participants have been invited to create a conversation with the hashtag #ROSALIAMOTOMAMI.

It should be noted that MOTOMAMI is the third studio album by the Spanish singer-songwriter Rosalía, and it will be released on digital platforms on March 18. For now, you can already listen to an advance with the singles «Chicken teriyaki», «Saoko» and «La fame», a song that she made in collaboration with the Canadian artist, The Weeknd.

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